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I hope everyone knows this already.
A portmanteau word is a combination of two words that morph into one new word. Typically it combines both sounds and meanings. For example, ‘smog’ is a portmanteau, it is a combination of smoke and fog.
Portmanteaus became very famous from the story of “Through the Looking Glass.” It was the first time that the word portmanteau was used in the new sense. In the book, Humpty Dumpty explains to Alice how words are melded in the poem “Jabberwocky.” 
Interestingly, the word portmanteau itself is a portmanteau. It comes from the French porter + manteau which mean To Carry a Cloak. Before Through the Looking Glass, a portmanteau referred to a suitcase in English.
The new treatment is based on an anti-cancer nanoparticle treatment and has successfully eliminated gonococcal infection from female mice and prevented reinfection. The treatment uses Interleukin-12, a cytokine or protein that helps stimulate an immune response against tumours that normally suppress immunity. The IL-12 microspheres caused the development of specific antibodies. There are more than 100 million new gonococcal infections each year around the globe, and there is a pending gonorrhea crisis due to increasing drug resistance rates.
Remember that scene in Lord of the Rings where an angry Aragorn kicks a helmet across the landscape upon seeing a pile of burning Orcs? Well, actor Viggo Mortensen was instructed to kick the helmet as close as possible to the camera lens to give it the appearance of flying past it. With each take, the helmet closer and the shot got better.

Pneumonia can be either bacterial or viral, and it can take a few days to determine the cause which gives the illness time to progress. This new test can determine the cause of the illness in only 12 hours, even if the particular strain is currently unknown. Getting results so quickly will help reduce needless antibiotic prescriptions which may help curb antibiotic resistance.
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Source While it may be true that people who suffer from depression are more likely to abuse alcohol, there is no evidence to support the idea that excessive drinking actually causes depression. However, the researchers warn that this is no excuse to take a carte blanche approach to drinking alcohol; as excessive consumption creates a host of other problems.
SourceUsing a repurposed FDA-approved drug, researchers were not only able to halt the growth of the brain tumour cells, the drugs left no trace of the tumours. The researchers targeted a mutation in the IDH1 gene identified in human brain tumours called gliomas. The team hopes to pursue a clinical trial as soon as possible, though they caution that many treatments have been able to cure cancers in mice but then failed in human trials.